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Oscars Arc | Name a dog. Save a life.

Oscars Arc | Name a dog. Save a life.

Boston Breweries is proud to support the Oscars Arc organization.

This incredible charity is headed up by dog lover, Joanne Lefson. Oscars Arc takes healthy, homeable dogs from existing shelters and through marketing, PR and exposure seeks to find these dogs their forever home through what they call the WOOF project.

“The WOOF Project offers an unrivalled customer driven adoption experience that is both positive and efficient. Existing shelter data is analyzed in order to effectively measure, improve and accelerate adoption rates.”

To support Joanne and the amazing work she is doing for these dogs our team will be setting up a dog food drop-off point for the month of July and August 2018. Our loyal beer drinking fans will
be encouraged to drop dog food off at our Tasting Room, situated at the brewery. We will use this as a collection point and will ensure the food is delivered directly to Joanne and her team.
In addition, 10% of Boston Lager purchases made at the brewery for the duration of July till end of August will be donated to Oscars Arc.

Our passionate team hope that this initiative will create the sufficient awareness required for Oscars Arc so that its intention reaches its potential.

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