The Boston Breweries #GivingCaring initiative

Boston Breweries are proud to introduce the Giving Caring initiative. The initiative aims at identifying charitable organizations within the community and supporting them in the work that they do.

We live in a country that faces adversity in a variety of shapes and forms – it is time to give back!

Over the course of the next several months we will support a number of charities who do their bit for the social upliftment of these communities. Our employees will dedicate a few hours every few weeks to assist these organizations and ensure that Boston Breweries plays the small part it can to help these truly great causes!

The overall aim of this campaign is to create awareness for these organizations and support the wonderful work they are doing within our community in the best way we know how – Giving & Caring.

Oscars Arc | Name a dog. Save a life.

Oscars Arc | Name a dog. Save a life.

Boston Breweries is proud to support the Oscars Arc organization. This incredible charity is headed up by dog lover, Joanne Lefson. Oscars Arc takes healthy, homeable dogs from existing shelters and through marketing, PR and exposure seeks to find these dogs their forever home through what they call the WOOF project. “The WOOF Project offers…

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