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Pose the question “Brew?” to someone, and their answer will normally define their lifestyle. If they say “Cheers! Nothing like sipping a cold one” you’re looking at a confirmed beer drinker. If, however, the answer is “Double espresso – hold the milk,” we have a coffee connoisseur on our hands.

And now there’s a third option, brought to you by Boston Breweries and Deluxe Coffeeworks: an option that will leave both sets of brew addicts licking their lips and looking for more – Black River Coffee Stout. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a jet-black brew with a toffee coloured head with an unmistakable aroma of perfectly roasted coffee beans. With a hint of delicious malt in the background, this is a taste-bud activating scent that invites that deep first sip.

A caffeinated beer? “Absolutely!” says Chris Barnard, Chief Brewer and MD of innovative Boston Breweries craft brewing company. “This is a stout: a drink that is to be savoured rather than chugged. It is the perfect evening drink, and is ideal at meal time too. It’s a fantastic accompaniment to sweeter foods, and the subtle carbonation makes it perfect to cleanse palates after creamy dishes.” Black River Coffee Stout lives up to the reputation that stouts have built since 1677: hugely popular dark brown beers made with roasted malts: they were stout by name and stout by nature. Boston Breweries have stuck with the centuries-old brewing tradition, but with a coffee flavoured twist that would have had our ancestors drooling.

Judd Nicolay, co-founder and operations manager of Deluxe Coffeeworks is in full agreement. “Black River Coffee Stout fits the Deluxe Coffee profile to perfection. We are passionate about coffee and we think that this is good enough reasons for us to do what we do: roast, supply and serve coffee in the best way we know how. In Black River Coffee Stout our coffee taste is brilliantly captured, and we are proud to be collaborating with Boston Breweries on this great stout.”

This adventurous approach also highlights the Deluxe Coffeeworks team’s belief that what counts in the world of coffee is not hackneyed tradition, but what the clients want, and how they like to consume their brew. This is reflected in Deluxe Coffeeworks laid-back, old-school fashion: great music, good company and perfectly brewed coffee. Add the Boston Breweries innovation and brewing perfection to this mix and you end up with a whole new world of taste and flavour; a world where brews collide to create a drink that is reminiscent of two completely different, but equally refreshing processes. The sticker on Black River Coffee Stout’s bottles says it perfectly: “Where brewing meets the grind!”

Deluxe Coffeeworks full-bodied, full flavoured and smooth coffee beans enhancing Boston Breweries perfected brewing methods promises to be a ground-breaking move that will set the beer and coffee drinking worlds alight. Available in both bottles and traditional kegs, Black River Coffee Stout with its thick, chocolate coloured head and superb coffee flavour notes is a brewing innovation whose time has come.

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